Decoding the science agenda of the liberal Pope and his conservative flock

Pope Francis and Leonardo DiCaprio [Image Courtesy: Catholic Herald]
When the Academy Award winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio used his 2016 award acceptance speech to say that “climate change is real“, his stand was celebrated by the liberal media. But it may not come as a huge surprise considering that Hollywood A-listers like DiCaprio are generally liberal and have championed the cause of the marginalized – both people and planet. However, when another “celebrity” on (shall we say) the other end of the political spectrum, made a similar advocacy attempt by writing a letter – it created global fanfare among the climate change mitigation advocates.

Pope Francis’ papal encyclical Laudato Si was released in June 2015. Having the subtitle “On Care for Our Common Home”, the encyclical urged the global community (not just members of the Catholic Church) to act on an urgent basis and tackle the problem of climate change. Laudato Si is not the first papal document to address issues concerning earth and the environment. But it was perhaps the first attempt to increase action among “conservatives in general and Catholic conservatives in particular”. Continue reading “Decoding the science agenda of the liberal Pope and his conservative flock”


Our gift to Mother Earth: The Anthropocene

Atomic bombing of Nagasaki [Image: Wikipedia Commons]
A friend recently had an uninvited guest visiting his car – a rat. Unfortunately, my friend came to know of the guest only after the visitor passed on to the netherworld when it got stuck with the wires in the car trunk, disrupting the car’s air-conditioning system. The departed visitor had gifted a bill of Rs. 5,000 to my friend towards restoring the car to its former glory.

To my surprise, my friend was not frustrated with the unwelcome rat. Rather, he felt remorse for having entered the rat’s ecosystem by purchasing a flat on the outskirts of Hyderabad. This part of the city was once part of a large wilderness, he said, and he wondered how much further damage his household had caused to the Earth’s once-pristine surroundings.

Not all of us would share my friend’s guilt, but it is a fact that the Earth has lost a considerable lot of its wilderness in recent years. One study estimates that one-tenth of global wilderness has been lost since 1990. This loss of wilderness has created disruptions in maintaining biodiversity, contributed to climate change and also disturbed indigenous populations. While it is easy to suggest that policy makers have to done more to conserve the environment, we as individuals and as members of the human race have to take responsibility. Continue reading “Our gift to Mother Earth: The Anthropocene”